Pure Play Doing their bit for Saving Tigers

Pure Play has just collaborated with Wildlife Photographer and Enthusiast Mrs. Seema Guliani (http://www.facebook.com/seemagulianiphotography) to collectively help the Unnoticed Heroes behind the “Save Tigers” Campaign of Ranthambore National Park, Rajashthan, India.

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Picture By Seema Guliani – Ranthambore National Park

“These guards are expected to invigilate through the core areas of forests, regardless of weather conditions and notify all happenings in the forest. Their dedication and immense contribution creates a platform for the animals to roam freely without any danger from Poachers, Forest Fires, Draughts etc.. Keeping a constant check on the big cats for injuries and rescuing them regularly is also a part of their job role. “ said Mr. Vishnu Bhagat, Co-Founder of Pure Play.

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Pure Play and Mrs. Seema Guliani are showing their support by providing the Best Quality Apparel as a gesture of “SALUTE” to these Unnoticed Forest Heroes of Ranthambore National Park and pledge to continue doing so in future.